CeeDee Lamb Film Notes


Ceedee Lamb

WR Oklahoma

6-1” 203

The worst thing about CeeDee Lamb is that he plays in Oklahoma’s single-read offense. When the play is designed to go to his side, Lamb is a joy to watch.

CeeDee Lamb has the best body control of any player in this class. He makes mid-route  adjustments effortlessly. Lamb is adept at finding holes to exploit versus zone coverage, but is also able to create separation against press/man with a jab-step or stutter at the line of scrimmage. While no one is going to call Lamb “fast”, his play speed is deceptive. He is quicker than he appears— often tacking on yards after the catch.

Lamb does occasionally struggle to gain swaths of separation underneath because of his lack of suddenness. A physical corner might also be able to bait him into frustration— Lamb was flagged for several retaliatory penalties including P.I. and a facemask.

Ultimately, Lamb does everything— and he does everything well. He will be more successful with a quarterback willing to throw into tight windows, but it’s hard to see a scenario where Lamb doesn’t succeed.

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