Jace Sternberger Film Notes

Jace Sternberger

TE Texas A&M

6-4” 250lb

The advantage Jace Sternberger has over some of the other tight end prospects in this draft is that he played for Jimbo Fisher. Texas A&M ran a pro-style offense with some option concepts, and Sternberger flourished.

Sternberger has fantastic hands; virtually every throw his way gets cushioned in his paws. He does a very good job against zones, working his way to the open areas routinely. And once Sternberger has the ball, he’s not done; he has the ability to get through defenders and some decent speed as well. Sternberger is good, not elite, in all facets of blocking; he was asked to lead block, set the edge, and even pull (Wham concepts.) He’s also very good at reading his blocking assignment and chipping before quickly transitioning to a receiver.

Sternberger does have a tendency to get a little straight-legged when blocking, and this causes him to get pushed around some. This manifests itself, unfortunately, mostly around the goal line. Sternberger also puts himself in traffic a fair bit, but usually manages to hands-catch and hold on, even when he takes a wallop.

The play that epitomizes Sternberger was a rushing touchdown vs Ole Miss. The defense overloaded to Sternberger’s side (where the run was headed,) and Sternberger cut blocked two defenders, springing Trayveon Williams. Sternberger gets it done.

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