Hunter Renfrow Film Notes

Hunter Renfrow

WR Clemson

5-10” 175lb

There is not a more decorated wide receiver in this class; Renfrow has played in three National Championship games (winning two) and scored four touchdowns in those games including a game winner against Alabama in 2016. But none of that matters now.

His detractors will point out that Renfrow isn’t fast, physical, or a prolific producer. He’s too small to maintain a block and often tries to (ineffecively) combat this by going low. When Renfrow tries to separate vertically, he struggles to gain space.

Fortunately for Renfrow, he shouldn’t be asked to stretch the field very often at the next level. Where he will win is on short and intermediate that allow him to leverage his short area quickness. Instead of beating defenders by getting behind them, Renfrow employs a stutter step with a hard jab step to force a defender to commit to a side before cutting quickly away. His quickness at the top of his stem routinely gives him enough cushion to make for an easy target. Renfrow deploys this technique successfully against both soft man to man and zone defenses. Although he primarily attacks the middle of the field, Renfrow has fantastic feet around the sideline and is adept at making adjustments to haul in tough catches.

Renfrow has an uphill battle in front of him; he’s a 5’10” 175 pound slot receiver with limited athleticism (as we tend to define it.) He’s not fast. He doesn’t jump high. But he does one thing extremely well: get open. And that is valuable.

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