Ashton Dulin Film Notes

Ashton Dulin

WR Malone University

6-2” 210lb

Ashton Dulin is Bigfoot; barely more than a whispered myth, caught only on grainy, poorly shot film. And much like any legendary creature, the stories are rooted in truth.

Dulin is fast. Faster than fast. (He was also a track star at Malone, posting a sub 7-second 60 meter time— that’s quick enough to entertain the idea of a sub 4.3 forty-time at the combine.) Dulin’s speed and running ability was leveraged by using him to return kicks and by running screens and jet sweeps to get him in space with the ball. Dulin uses his size and athleticism well, high pointing over smaller defenders. He is also adept at making adjustments to back-shoulder throws on timing routes, managing to locate and catch the ball in a split second.

The competition that Dulin faced in the Great Midwestern Athletic Conference (Div. II) is obviously a notch down from playing in the SEC, and he did not dominate quite as much as you’d like to see. (He only eclipsed 1000 yards receiving one time in his four years at Malone, but did have two seasons of double-digit touchdowns.) Part of this can be attributed to his surrounding cast, but some falls squarely on Dulin. It’s odd to say that a player with elite level speed has trouble generating separation, but Dulin doesn’t come out of his breaks quickly enough to deceive defenders. (Even on a hitch route, the corners were able to recover and knock the ball away.) When Dulin is away from the play, whether it’s a run or a pass designed to hit another receiver, Dulin “conserves energy.” (In order to appear more disinterested, he’d need a lounge chair and an umbrella-drink.)

Like most small-school prospects, there is still a lot about Dulin’s game that needs to be refined. The good news is that he has the type of athleticism that NFL teams covet. He should earn a roster spot with his special-teams abilities and from there, anything can happen.

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