Anthony Johnson Film Notes

Anthony Johnson

WR Buffalo

6-2” 211lb

When turning over stones to find draft prospects, it’s always a good idea to check up at that MAC powerhouse, the University at Buffalo; Anthony Johnson was a nice surprise.

Johnson does a lot of things well, but nothing spectacularly. He is very good once he has the ball in his hands, often generating extra yards after the catch. Even though Johnson doesn’t possess elite speed, he succeeds deep with his ability to track the ball in flight and make over-the-shoulder catches. This allows him to make a play without tipping off the defender to a potential pass-breakup.

The biggest issue Anthony Johnson has is with consistency. Highlight reel plays are fun for SportsCenter, but the reality is that a player is made up of what he does most often. For Anderson, that is a spectacular play, often followed up immediately by a body catch or a concentration drop.

Johnson’s gaudy statistics and spectacular plays might get him drafted, but he’ll need to develop consistency to contribute for your fantasy team. Worth a later round dart throw.

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