Justin Jefferson Film Notes


Justin Jefferson


6-3” 192

Slot receivers aren’t sexy. (At least, that’s what the Dynasty Community continues to convince itself.) Every year, players like AJ Brown, Cooper Kupp, and Justin Jefferson get pushed down rookie draft boards because they win from the inside.

Justin Jefferson plays with a lot of nuance; he subtly angles his routes to attack one side of a defender, forcing a corner to turn and commit before Jefferson makes his move. He has also perfected the art of delayed routes from the slot— allowing just enough time for coverage to take shape before running a cross or an out. Jefferson attacks zones as well as any player in the last several classes, but he can also beat man coverages with double moves and speed.

Jefferson is not an imposing figure, especially when trying to block. (His listed measurements of 6-3” and 192 pounds seem slightly embellished.) He also dropped several throws that should have been routine catches due to concentration lapses. In spite of that, Jefferson is a generally sure-handed go-to target.

Justin Jefferson should be a high volume, high reception, high production receiver at the next level. The only question is which quarterback will benefit from his talents.

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