Alexander Mattison Film Notes

Alexander Mattison

RB Boise State

5-11” 225

It’s difficult to take seriously any film of games played on blue turf, but Alexander Mattison will grab your attention and not let go. He’s big and punishing with a dash of space-back thrown in for good measure.

Mattison is a bull through the middle of the field, absorbing contact and carrying multiple defenders for extra yards. He runs low, anticipating hits and delivering his share. Although Mattison runs with power, he also has great feet and usually makes at least the first defender grasp at air. Mattison does very well in pass protection, squaring up defenders to give his quarterback extra time. While he’s never going to be confused for Tarik Cohen, Mattison does a good job running typical running back routes to the flat.

Mattison’s physicality is his calling card, but it also gets him into trouble sometimes. He loves to deliver punishment, but this also leaves Mattison vulnerable to being hit after his momentum has been stopped. Mattison gets what is blocked for him nearly every play, but if he’s forced to create on the outside, things unravel quickly. Although he was occasionally flexed outside in his time at Boise, Mattison is not a fantastic route runner. He will make the plays in the pass game that he is supposed to, and that should be enough.

While this class is thin at the very top, Mattison provides an interesting profile and could be a three down back at the next level.

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