Greg Dortch Film Notes

Greg Dortch

WR Wake Forest

5-9” 170lb

Greg Dortch is carrying the stain of being a slot-receiver with him into this draft season. He is definitely designed to attack from the slot, and that’s ok. Embrace it.

Dortch probably isn’t going to test explosively when it comes to his 40-time at the combine, and that will be enough for some people to abandon him. Straight line speed, however, isn’t the whole story, especially for a slot receiver like Dortch. (Jarvis Landry, Wes Welker, and Cooper Kupp all ran slower than a 4.6 40-time.) Dortch creates the majority of his separation with quickness and footwork. He can get on top of a defender by quickly eating up the cushion using a mixture of cuts and speed changes.

Even though Dortch has tremendous hands, he does get gunshy in traffic; something that will need to improve as he transitions to the NFL. Dortch’s size, both height and weight, prevent him from being effective outside, and although he is a ferocious blocker, he’s barely a speed bump to stronger defenders.

Greg Dortch is a sneaky athlete who is savvy and technically sound running from the slot. He will be dependent on volume to produce fantasy points, and seems to match best with a situation like Miami.

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