DaMarkus Lodge Film Notes

DaMarkus Lodge

WR Ole Miss

6-1” 209lb

The third member of Ole Miss’s NWO trio, DaMarkus Lodge, is far less heralded than his teammates. He hauled in 65 catches for 877 yards in 2018, but still remains in the shadows of AJ Brown and DK Metcalf.

Lodge’s primary role was to work as a field stretcher to pull coverage deep to allow AJ Brown room to operate underneath. It’s odd, then, to see Lodge’s ability to gain yards after the catch— especially on comebacks and screen plays. Although these plays are designed to be a change of pace, Lodge picks up decent yardage with his legs. He is also very adept at making adjustments to low throws and back-shoulder high-point catches.

There are some glaring limitations to Lodge’s game though. He struggles mightily to gain separation off of press coverage (or any time a defender gets hands on him.) Lodge also has a bad habit of rounding off his cuts during routes, which leaves passes susceptible to interceptions or tips. Lodge will make incredible catches, but is prone to drops on some of the most routine plays.

DaMarkus Lodge played third-fiddle throughout his college career, and it seems reasonable to expect more of the same in the NFL. He’s probably more valuable to a pro team creating space than he ever will be to your fantasy squad.

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