Mike Williams Film Notes


Mike Williams – Clemson
WR 6’4″ 210lbs

At first glance, it’s easy to see why people are going to fall in love with Mike Williams- he looks the part. Williams has prototypical size for an NFL receiver, and he uses it well. He makes himself “big” during slants and routinely gets his body between the defender and the ball on back shoulder throws.

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Corey Davis Film Notes


Corey Davis – Western Michigan
WR 6’3″ 205lbs

I’m sure a lot of talk right now is going to be about how Mike Williams is the clear cut #1 in this year’s class. Press the pause button. Even if you’re not willing to overlook Corey Davis’s soft schedule in the Mid-American Conference, there’s at least got to be a conversation. (I’m on the Davis side of it, for what that’s worth, and I’m pretty sure I’m in good company. I’ve already heard Nick Whalen of DLF and Matt Kelley of RotoUnderworld putting Davis atop this group of pass catchers.)

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Cooper Kupp Film Notes

Cooper Kupp – E. Washington

WR 6’2″ 195lbs

Full disclosure, Cooper Kupp has been my favorite player to watch out of all the receivers I’ve looked at so far. (That’s not to say that he is the best, but he’s got, as the French and Matt Kelley would say, “je nai sais quoi.”) Immediately Kupp has two strikes against him- age and the Big Sky Conference, and I don’t care.

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JuJu Smith-Schuster Film Notes

JuJu Smith-Schuster – USC
WR 6’2″ 215lbs

You’ve got to do a little extrapolation if you’re going to fall in love with JuJu. Sandwiched in the middle of two modest seasons is his 1400 yard, ten touchdown sophomore effort of 2015. From what I’ve seen so far, he is a little bit tumultuous in a world where consistency is king. Continue Reading

John Ross Film Notes

John Ross – Washington

WR 5’11” 190lbs

John Ross is fast. Seriously fast. If you believe the unofficial times, 4.25 fast. And when he’s not getting pressed at the line, he combines and initial explosion with elite straight line speed to burn defenders over the top. Think Will Fuller-ish, but with better concentration and hands… although perhaps John Brown is a better comparison with DeSean Jackson as a pie-in-the-sky upside comp. Continue Reading

Carlos Henderson Film Notes

Carlos Henderson – Louisiana Tech

WR 5’11” 195lbs

Henderson is another unheralded receiver who has a chance to catch on somewhere and eventually see his roll expand. His stock will definitely be contingent on his measurables and landing spot; although I’ve been hearing occasional whispers out of the Matt Harmon camp that Henderson is a “reception perception guy” so his under-the-radar status may be in jeopardy. Continue Reading

Zay Jones Film Notes

Zay Jones – East Carolina

WR 6’2″ 201lbs

I try to go into a session of film watching with as much rationality and as little bias as possible. Basically, I want to look at a guy like it’s the first time I’m seeing him play.) (Usually it’s impossible not to have at least some preconceptions about a player; Zay Jones is the perfect test case.)  Continue Reading

KD Cannon Film Notes

KD Cannon – Baylor
WR 6’0″ 180

This class of receivers is much maligned, but I am starting to think that there are several potential diamonds who are going to be drafted. Ka’Darius O’Keith Cannon is the first of these. Up front, I’ll tell you KD is a project; he enters the NFL saddled with the stigma of the dreaded minimalist Baylor route tree.  Continue Reading

Curtis Samuel Film Notes

Curtis Samuel – Ohio State

WR/RB 5’10” 196lbs

I am beginning to think that Ohio State doesn’t care about making things easy for us. Curtis Samuel is the latest in a long line of Buckeyes who don’t fit into a single positional mold. I’m adding him as a receiver for the purpose of watching tape, because I see his biggest NFL contributions coming via the air, but I really see him as a man without a country. He strikes me as somewhere between Theo Riddick and Tavon Austin.  Continue Reading