Deebo Samuel Film Notes

Deebo Samuel

WR South Carolina

5-11” 210lb

If your thing is wideouts with speed to burn and ability to stretch a defense to its limits, I’d like to introduce you to Deebo Samuel.

Samuel’s speed allows him to utilize the middle of the field, getting open repeatedly over the top of defenses. He is also very quick over short spaces and makes use of this especially in the end zone. Samuel runs a quick 5-7 yard slant (ala Davante Adams/ Michael Thomas) that is nearly impossible to stop in the redzone. He is also very good near the sideline, already working to get both feet down to prepare for the next level.

Even though Deebo Samuel is listed at 210 pounds, he plays like a much smaller receiver. When a corner can get his hands on Samuel, there’s a significant drop in his ability to separate. Another incongruity to Samuel’s game is that although he is a kick returner, he’s not particularly elusive with the ball in his hands as a receiver.

Samuel is definitely a guy to keep tabs on, but he is a step down from the talent at the top of this class.

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