Stanley Morgan Film Notes

Stanley Morgan

WR Nebraska

6-0” 200lb

Splash plays get headlines and highlight reels, but most production comes from consistently doing the little things well. Stanley Morgan pays attention to the minutiae.

At Nebraska, Stanley Morgan was a favorite target over the middle of the field. He does a very good job getting open against zone defenses and beats man coverage with technique and intelligence rather than shear athleticism. Morgan has fairly reliable hands and does a good job catching the ball away from his body. He excels at crossing routes and slants where he can position his body between the ball and the defender. Morgan also has great awareness of the play going on around him and will break route to make himself available to a hassled quarterback. He’s physical post-catch, and it’s not unusual to see Morgan tack on five or six yards after a catch.

Morgan is most effective in a possession role, but he doesn’t always get separation from tight man coverage. Morgan is also prone to concentration drops while he’s in traffic— he cleaned this up some as his career progressed, but Morgan still drops too many throws. He’s a willing run blocker but isn’t always aware of which way the runner is going. This leads to Morgan blocking defenders into his running back on occasion.

Stanley Morgan Jr can easily be a contributor on an NFL team. He’s best suited to a big-slot role where his size/speed/physicality can present mismatch problems.

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