Alexander Mattison Film Notes

Alexander Mattison

RB Boise State

5-11” 225

It’s difficult to take seriously any film of games played on blue turf, but Alexander Mattison will grab your attention and not let go. He’s big and punishing with a dash of space-back thrown in for good measure.
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Myles Gaskin Film Notes

Myles Gaskin

RB Washington

5-10” 195lb

Myles Gaskin is the most prolific back in the 2019 class, rolling up more than 5,000 yards in his career at Washington, but it might have been the quietest four-straight (nearly) 1,300 yard seasons in history. Whether it was because he was squirreled away in the Pacific Northwest, or just because of his size, there’s barely anyone talking about Gaskin.
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Bryce Love Film Notes

Bryce Love

RB Stanford

5-10” 191lb

The way Bryce Love’s final year at Stanford unfolded is enough to draw tears; he looked fantastic in 2017 (263 carries for 2118 yards and 19 scores), decided to stay in school, struggled mightily, then ultimately tore his ACL, ending his 2018 season. The question now becomes, what to make of Love?
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Elijah Holyfield Film Notes

Elijah Holyfield

RB Georgia

5-10” 215lb

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but there’s a Georgia running back who may be a stud at the next level BUT he shared a backfield, so it’s difficult to say for sure. Chubb, Michel, and Swift definitely cut into playing time for Elijah Holyfield, but he still managed 1,018 yards in 2018.
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