Justin Jefferson Film Notes


Justin Jefferson


6-3” 192

Slot receivers aren’t sexy. (At least, that’s what the Dynasty Community continues to convince itself.) Every year, players like AJ Brown, Cooper Kupp, and Justin Jefferson get pushed down rookie draft boards because they win from the inside.

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JJ Arcega-Whiteside Film Notes

JJ Arcega-Whiteside

WR Stanford

6-2” 225lb

Whiteside feels bigger than 6-2”, largely because of how physical he plays. (Sometimes it seems like an extra tight end inadvertently walked onto the field.) In fact, Whiteside does everything so big that one out of every five catches in his career went for a touchdown.
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Riley Ridley Film Notes

Riley Ridley

WR Georgia

6-1” 200lb

Scientists familiar with the Earth’s history have isolated the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal (780,000 years ago) as the last time the magnetic north and south flipped, but the polarity of Riley Ridley’s prospects as an NFL wideout is threatening to turn the world on its head again.
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Andy Isabella Film Notes

Andy Isabella

WR UMass

5-9” 187lb

Two or three DraftTwitter darlings always manage to emerge from the Senior Bowl; this year, one of them is Andy Isabella, a slightly undersized, unassuming wideout from the University of Massachusetts. Don’t be fooled into judging this book by its cover though; Isabella caught 102 balls for nearly 1,700 yards this season.
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