Justin Jefferson Film Notes


Justin Jefferson


6-3” 192

Slot receivers aren’t sexy. (At least, that’s what the Dynasty Community continues to convince itself.) Every year, players like AJ Brown, Cooper Kupp, and Justin Jefferson get pushed down rookie draft boards because they win from the inside.

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Jace Sternberger Film Notes

Jace Sternberger

TE Texas A&M

6-4” 250lb

The advantage Jace Sternberger has over some of the other tight end prospects in this draft is that he played for Jimbo Fisher. Texas A&M ran a pro-style offense with some option concepts, and Sternberger flourished.
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KeeSean Johnson Film Notes

KeeSean Johnson

WR Fresno State

6-1” 204

When I think of Fresno State, it immediately conjures up images of Jerry Tarkanian and his towel; KeeSean Johnson turning a defender on a double move is now a close second. His progression as a player is obvious with a glance at his statistics: Johnson increased his receptions, yardage, and touchdowns each year with the Bulldogs.
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