DeDe Westbrook Film Notes 

DeDe Westbrook – Oklahoma

WR 6’0″ 180lbs

Even though DeDe Westbrook is six feet tall, he is relatively slight. (I’ve seen him listed anywhere from 170 to 182 pounds.) Westbrook’s primary ability, it should come as no surprise, is his speed. He is very fast both as a route runner and once he has the ball in his hands. He is quick at (and just after) the catch point, which is important because he works a lot of short to intermediate throws. (That’s not to say Westbrook can’t take the top off the defense when he gets a clean release, however.) Continue Reading

Christian McCaffrey Film Notes

Christian McCaffrey – Stanford
RB 5’11” 202lbs

You are going to hear McCaffrey compared to names like Danny Woodhead, Rex Birkhead, Peyton Hillis. Those comps are not close; Do not believe them. While McCaffrey is far from a lock to become a starting caliber back in the NFL, he does have the skill and physical attributes to get there.

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Leonard Fournette Film Notes

Leonard Fournette – Louisiana State

RB 6’0″ 240lbs

The NFL is going to be higher on Fournette than I am. He’s a big, physical back who excels between the tackles. For a man of his size, the speed with which he runs is impressive. Fournette tends to punish defenders with a lowered shoulder, often running through several opponents before he’s brought down. He’s the kind of back that front offices salivate over with visions of Adrian Peterson dancing in their heads.

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Kareem Hunt Film Notes

Kareem Hunt – Toledo   RB 6’0″ 225lbs

I wasn’t really sure what to expect on Kareem Hunt; thus far, he’s been one of the most polarizing backs in the 2017 class. I’ve heard analysts completely Dismiss him, and I’ve heard others heap on the praise. When something like that happens, it makes me really anxious to take a look and see for myself.

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Samaje Perine Film Notes

Samaje Perine – Oklahoma
RB 5’11” 237lbs

Perine was in a unique situation in Oklahoma; he split touches with Joe Mixon, one of the most dynamic backs in the 2017 class. He played the compact, inside runner and saw some goal line work, but it’s difficult to tell whether he was limited to this role because of talent around him or his own ability.

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D’Onta Foreman Film Notes

D’Onta Foreman – Texas   RB 6’1″ 246lbs

D’Onta Foreman is another banger dropped into this year’s class of RBs. He is big (6’1 245) and physical, running mostly between the tackles. He has times where he looks lost in pass protection, but I don’t foresee him being asked to do much in the passing game at the next level. Foreman is not classically fast, but does pick up speed through the hole deceptively well. He won’t break away from the defense, but builds inertia fast enough to produce some chunk runs.

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James Conner Film Notes

James Conner – Pittsburgh   RB 6’2″ 240lbs

James Conner is immense. He looks like a middle linebacker carrying the ball, and he hits like one too, initiating contact at the end of runs. He is primarily a downhill/ north/south runner, and although Conner can catch the ball a little out of the backfield, he needs to be moving forward at the catch point to be productive.

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