Kerryon Johnson Film Notes


Kerryon Johnson – Auburn

RB 6’0″ 212 lbs

When comparisons of Le’veon Bell are being thrown around, there is an extra level of scrutiny that goes into a film evaluation; that’s something Kerryon Johnson is going to have to live with throughout the draft process.

There are very few backs in the 2018 class that truly have potential to be a three-down player at the next level; Johnson looks like one of them. He has above average vision when running inside, but also has the ability to jump-cut out of trouble and get to the outside. Johnson builds up speed incredibly quickly, but his top end speed doesn’t appear elite. (He did deal with a lingering hamstring issue during the 2017 season, however.) Johnson has good hands out of the backfield and is always looking to make a big play when he gets the ball in space. Perhaps his most interesting trait however, is the transformation that takes place when Johnson nears the end zone. He has amazing awareness close to the goal line, running compact and finding creases in the defense.

Johnson appears bigger than 6’0″ 212 pounds, partially because of his upright running style. Because of his size, Johnson tends to overbalance and get out in front of his feet. He gets caught in the backfield while trying to break big plays more often than is ideal. The most glaring negative to Johnson’s game is that he loves to leave his feet. Leaping negates his ability to cut quickly and exposes Johnson to more big hits than he needs to take.

Kerryon Johnson has decent size, explosiveness and pass catching ability; all traits that make scouts take notice. Ultimately, Johnson looks like a fairly well rounded back, but is probably a “jack of all trades, master of none.”

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