Equanimeous St. Brown Film Notes


Equanimeous St. Brown – Notre Dame

WR 6’4″ 205 lbs

You better get used to hearing the name St. Brown in dynasty circles; Equanimeous is merely the first in a line of potential professional receivers. One of the primary targets in the Notre Dame passing game, St. Brown gained notoriety early in his career but tailed off more recently.

Instantly, St. Brown’s height leaps off the page; he’s 6’4″ but doesn’t move like he is that big. He is very good at making plays along the sidelines, using both his exceptional height to high-point the ball over defenders and his deceptively good feet. Although St. Brown doesn’t appear functionally fast, he does have better long speed in the open field than your eyes are telling you. (His length allows him to casually eat up yards.) St. Brown gets open fairly routinely, even on plays that ultimately do not go to him, and he will occasionally mix in double moves to beat defenders.

St. Brown’s height poses a problem for his physicality, however; he is very slender, playing at around 205 pounds. His build makes him very susceptible to being bothered by contact from defensive player both at the onset of a route and at the catch point. St. Brown tries to counter this by hand-fighting off corners, which leaves him open to offensive pass interference calls. Although he can quickly close the cushion between himself and the corner, St. Brown’s routes lack suddenness and take a long time to develop.

St. Brown is an intriguing combination of height, decent speed, and hands. The potential is there for him to put on weight, gain strength, and be viable in the NFL, but ultimately, the idea of Equinimeous St. Brown is going to be greater than the reality.

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