Anthony Miller Film Notes


Anthony Miller – Memphis

WR 5’11” 200 lbs

Unheralded. That’s the first word that comes to mind to describe Memphis wideout Anthony Miller. He was not heavily recruited out of high school and continues to be lost among this underwhelming class of receivers.

Probably the best aspect of Miller’s game happens after he has made a catch. He has tremendous vision as a runner, setting up blocks and gaining extra yards in a way generally reserved for running backs. Because of this ability, Miller was used a lot in the screen game, but he also is a very good route runner down the field. His use of head and body fakes consistently freeze defenders; this makes him deadly in one on one situations. Miller has great feet and a feel for making plays on the sideline. He also has a knack for making adjustments to poorly thrown balls.

Age seems to be the biggest concern in the Twitter-echo-chamber, but my biggest worry about Miller is his physicality. He is not confident in traffic and doesn’t body defenders off the ball. If a defender can get his hands on Miller early in a route, he can be pushed off course. Miller also has zero interest in blocking whatsoever. Miller is susceptible to occasional drops and double catches.

Although Anthony Miller doesn’t have the highest upside in this class, he does have potential to be one of the earliest producers. He’s polished and can make plays after a catch, which could make him an ideal complimentary receiver.

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