Michael Gallup Film Notes


Michael Gallup – Colorado State

WR 6’1″ 198 lbs

Michael Gallup was not heavily sought after coming out of Monroe Highschool in Georgia, but his work at Colorado State has put him on the map.

Gallup is another in the line of 2018 receivers who is more comfortable working underneath than he is getting vertical. His greatest strength is his ability to make plays in traffic; he can create space in the short to moderate range, take contact while finishing a reception, and continue to make a gain post-catch. Gallup does not have great straight line speed, but he covers it up by varying the rates on his routes, keeping defenders off balance and guessing. He can beat press coverage with his hands, but does appear slow off the line.

Gallup’s lack of functional speed is going to be limiting at the next level, as is his tendency to let the ball get in on his body. Even though he is a good sized wideout (6’3″ 198,) Gallup gets pushed off route when he’s trying to make plays further down the field. His effectiveness wanes as his routes get deeper, and he doesn’t make the necessary adjustments to make plays on imperfect throws.

Gallup should be a useful secondary or tertiary piece in an offense, but his usefulness in fantasy seems largely tied to landing spot. Love his toughness, but he lacks the versatility to make him a true impact player.

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