Week 4 Dummy Brain Dump:

A few thoughts:

Aaron Jones looked decent, but the guy I want in GB while TyMont is banged up is Randall Cobb. I think he’s going to eat.

Now is the time to strike deals for T.Y. Hilton and Marlon Mack. Luck is going to be back sooner than later, and he compliments them well.

Anti-Jordan Howard sentiment carried more weight before Cohen emerged. TC’s pass catching actually increases Howard’s lead back likelihood.

It’s a lot easier to justify spending capital to replace mediocre every down back than an above average pounder. Counter intuitive but true

CMC is for real. (This is not a 3 down back argument.) We play fantasy football. He is the prototype for the future pass-catching upside back.

Jamison Crowder’s touches are coming. Chris Thompson has produced at an unsustainable rate in the underneath.

Brandin Cooks is currently 6th in AirYards (shoutout to @friscojosh and http://www.airyards.com ) Brady’s demise has been exaggerated, & Cooks (& Hogan) are going to be fun.

Ryan Griffin is going to be a viable TE for a while. When the ball is not going to Nuk, it’s headed Griffin’s way. Last week was not a fluke

The guy you want in the Raiders backfield is DeAndre Washington. He is an adept pass catcher whose role would expand should Lynch get dinged

Lastly, the Eagles RB situation has been talked about quite a bit lately… it’s a trap. Smallwood & Clement overlap & Blount is the goal line back

It looks like the $5-dvd-bin version of the Patriots’ hydra backfield we’ve been avoiding for years.

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