A Scott Fish Bowl Carol

‘Twas the night before Fish Bowl

and at 700-plus houses,

Draft prep trumped talking

To the chagrin of our spouses


Like a Disney themed Christmas

we wait, girls and boys

To draft and to banter

to help @ScottFish24 buy toys


It’s a fantasy lineup,

A star studded field,

With half of us wondering,

“Can this really be real?”


There’s Sigmund and Ciga,

Liz Loza and Izzy,

Cole, Gretch and Beers

(somewhat Rotoviz-zy)


Safchick, Lonero,

Franchise (in a vest)

Jeff Miller, Mike Clay,

It’s the best of the best!


Ryan McDowell, Matt Harmon

J.J., and Scott Barrett

Matt Kelley, Chris Harris

And Tim Torch, they all share it


This common thread

The Scott Fish Bowl 7

Rich Dotson, Shane Says

And FF_Engineer Kevin


There are Footballers and FLAFFL

And so many more

Trying to reconcile

This per-first-down score


We’re all in the mix,

Everyone has some hope

Tonight we’re all equal,

The sharps and the dopes.


We’ve donned our new avatars

By @NFLDraftTalker or @fantastPastor,

If you need a new look,

These guys are the masters


Eeyore and Stitch

Beast, Cinderella,

Donald and Goofy,

Jaffar and Cruella


Sum 60 leagues

And Disney Divisions

Set up with care

And endless revisions


So as we wait for tomorrow,

And the bash’s beginning

Let’s thank @ScottFish2j4

He’s the reason we’re grinning


And that grin is great,

Don’t get me wrong

But there’s more good to do

Before the end of the song


Because of Scott Fish

And FantasyCares

Kids will have Christmas,

And that deserves shares.


So thank you to Scott,

and to everyone here

For #SFB7

And for two Christmases this year.

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