What is the Dummy Cheatsheet?


What the hell is it??
A question I am asked frequently when someone initially sees the Dummy Cheatsheet.

Well let’s start with what it’s not; it’s not rankings, it’s not gospel, it’s not an be all end all.
It’s a data point, well many data points. It’s a point of reference that brings together much of the data collected throughout the scouting process.
The cheat sheet brings together reference points on six different categories. It combines age, physical, production, situation, pedigree, and film scores to give you not only a final score, but also provide a breakdown at each category.

How do you use it?
Again use it as a point of reference. As you build your own big board for your draft, decide what categories are important to you. Remember the categories are not weighted in the cheat sheet. If you’re looking for a athletic freak, lean more towards the physical score. High college producers? Check the production score. Draft pedigree important to you? We’ve got a score for that too. Again, don’t just use the final score, that’s a starting point, then dig deeper with what’s important to you.

The physical tab brings together combine and pro day scores converts those numbers into widely used adjusted scores and then normalizes them vs each other to give a score. Bear in mind here that incomplete combine or pro day tests will skew this score.

The production tab tallies a prospects total college production and then adjusted based on level of competition. It is divided down by number of years and then factored against Dominator and breakout age in the case of receivers.

Pedigree is a simple breakdown of recruit ranking and draft position.

Age, again, simply a reverse score from 20 years old.

Situation is the only category with a weighting system within it. It is weighted differently based on RB or receiver as in the case of one offensive line is more important and the other QB play. Here we have scoring for offensive production, o line, opportunity share available, and QB in the case of receivers.

Finally you have our film scores, you can see a final score both with and without our film score factored in. The cheat sheet is all about trying to remove bias and hence the two scores. Film scores are based on prospect position and scored as with everything else on a scale of 1 – 100.

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