Mike Williams Film Notes


Mike Williams – Clemson
WR 6’4″ 210lbs

At first glance, it’s easy to see why people are going to fall in love with Mike Williams- he looks the part. Williams has prototypical size for an NFL receiver, and he uses it well. He makes himself “big” during slants and routinely gets his body between the defender and the ball on back shoulder throws.

While I’d be surprised if Williams runs a sub 4.5 40x, he has decent quickness especially for his size. He does not create miles of separation, but he is a good route runner. (It’s especially obvious when watching timing plays to the sideline.) He is a good possession option (making plays in traffic,) but really shines as a red zone threat. He has a unique ability to extend and high point the football.

Williams is generally a “hands-catcher” but I did notice several instances of double catching the ball which I’m not thrilled about. (Instantly I think of Aaron Dobson.) He is not particularly dynamic after the catch and compounds it by being a little cavalier with the ball once he’s got it. (Potential fumbling issue at the next level where DBs are stronger and coached to punch the ball out.)

So, I guess while I really like what Mike Williams has to offer, I think you need to dig through the hype of national tv and a national championship.

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