John Ross Film Notes

John Ross – Washington

WR 5’11” 190lbs

John Ross is fast. Seriously fast. If you believe the unofficial times, 4.25 fast. And when he’s not getting pressed at the line, he combines and initial explosion with elite straight line speed to burn defenders over the top. Think Will Fuller-ish, but with better concentration and hands… although perhaps John Brown is a better comparison with DeSean Jackson as a pie-in-the-sky upside comp.

Unfortunately, much like Fuller, I think there are going to be an awful lot of analysts who end up being much higher on Ross than I will. Because of his size, he goes down relatively easily (which you would expect.) What stands out as odd though is the way his speed seems only to be present before the point of catch. In a straight line without the ball, Ross is a burner, but as soon as the ball is in his hands, it seems that he becomes instantly less dynamic. I saw several instances of defensive backs catching him- not something I was anticipating from a guy with the wheels of Ross. This is also apparent when he is asked to make a play on a screen pass.

I don’t hate Ross, but I am far from in love with him. He does some impressive things on short to mid range timing routes, he’s able to separate with speed, and he has very good feet. (He’s even a potential redzone threat because of his ability to freeze and shake defenders with a hesitation move.) There’s a possibility that he begins his career with kick returning duties, which is more beneficial in an actual football context than to your fantasy team but does put him on the field. On the whole, I see Ross as a tease; an athletic speedster who ultimately will be a boom-bust player. His one year of elite production harkens back to Kevin White- although Ross’s 2015 season was lost to a meniscus tear and mictofracture surgery. Some of his perceived value will come from combine and landing spot, but for me, I’m making a mental note that he’s not my kind of player.

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