Isaiah Ford Film Notes

Isaiah Ford – Virginia Tech
WR 6’2″ 190lbs

Ford is closer to the size of receiver that traditionally excites NFL teams and draft analysts. He’s a physical outside receiver and not afraid to block. He beats corners with a fairly even combination of speed, size and strength.

One thing that is going to set Ford apart from most of the receivers in the 2017 class is his physicality. He was able to break from press coverage, he uses his body to gain leverage on seam & slant routes, and he is willing to fight for the ball in traffic. He is a better than average blocker, and is even willing to get downfield to lead for a back. He finishes blocks. He has the ability to beat man coverage, working his strength and speed to get behind the defense. Ford can high point well and make adjustments to the ball as an outside receiver, but he is also capable of going over the middle. He seems very tuned in to the play around him whether it be working back to a quarterback when the pocket collapses or transitioning to a blocker. He was even very aware of his feet on the sideline, often working to get two down clean instead of the customary one for college.

Ford struggles with drops (partially due to the physical nature with which he plays,) and more often attributable to concentration. He also has a tendency to let the ball travel on him and makes more catches with his body than I would like. Ford has lapses where he struggles to get separation; even though he won some of these matchups through out muscling the corner, I think that the next level will make things difficult. (He did match up across from Eli Apple last year, so he does have experience vs NFL caliber players.

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