DeDe Westbrook Film Notes 

DeDe Westbrook – Oklahoma

WR 6’0″ 180lbs

Even though DeDe Westbrook is six feet tall, he is relatively slight. (I’ve seen him listed anywhere from 170 to 182 pounds.) Westbrook’s primary ability, it should come as no surprise, is his speed. He is very fast both as a route runner and once he has the ball in his hands. He is quick at (and just after) the catch point, which is important because he works a lot of short to intermediate throws. (That’s not to say Westbrook can’t take the top off the defense when he gets a clean release, however.)

His size does create some issues. Westbrook struggles with blocking and also can be neutralized by physical corners; he can be pressed and pushed off routes. Westbrook is also far easier to bring down than you would expect for a guy with his type of speed. Once a defender gets hands on him, Westbrook is likely going to the ground. (It’s far more important with RBs, but it seems to me that he lacks wiggle when carrying the ball.) The good news is he does avoid contact with regularity, so he still has potential to be a monster when it comes to YAC. Westbrook also struggled occasionally with concentration drops; he “Cadillac-ed” a couple, showing overconfidence instead of just making the play.

Westbrook’s ability in the return game (both kick and punt) will help him stick on a roster somewhere. Even though he has breakaway speed, he is pretty conscientious about working back to the ball when his quarterback is in trouble. He also makes some pretty difficult mid flight adjustments to the ball. I don’t see Westbrook as a superstar, but he could be a second/third option on a team with week to week touchdown upside.

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