Carlos Henderson Film Notes

Carlos Henderson – Louisiana Tech

WR 5’11” 195lbs

Henderson is another unheralded receiver who has a chance to catch on somewhere and eventually see his roll expand. His stock will definitely be contingent on his measurables and landing spot; although I’ve been hearing occasional whispers out of the Matt Harmon camp that Henderson is a “reception perception guy” so his under-the-radar status may be in jeopardy.

Carlos Henderson may not be a burner, but he gets off the line of scrimmage and onto defenders quickly. In several instances, he got off press coverage. His straight speed is often enough to beat man coverage, but he can also make plays after the catch. He is dangerous on a slant, and has very good hands in traffic. Henderson has tremendous tracking and concentration, making plays on several underthrown or tipped balls. He also has the wherewithal to find creases in zones to sit in. Even though he is a little smaller than prototypical, Henderson seems to have a nose for the endzone.

A lot my trepidation with Henderson comes from the mental side of the game. On more than one occasion, I saw him be on a different page than the quarterback. (This isn’t necessarily on Henderson, but the unwritten rule is that the qb is right.) He’s got great hands, but occasionally lets the ball get in on his body. If a defender can beat him on a deep route, Henderson struggles to make an adjustment.

I think he’s a sneaky talent, and barring “the Matt Harmon Bump,” he should be a later flier who has upside if he cracks a lineup

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